In my book, On the BRINK: Leap into an Extraordinary Life and Never Look Back, I will show you how to personalize and adopt a simple set of lifestyle shifts using the innate creative abilities you were born with. These strategies will empower you to take charge, clarify your priorities, and focus on the people, things and goals that matter most to you.  In addition to discovering a vibrant and renewed sense of purpose and meaning, you will experience deeper awareness and a lasting sense of peace and joy that fuel a new enthusiasm in your daily life.
You will greatly benefit from reading On the BRINK  if you:
  • feel stuck in your current career
  • are tired of trading your time for money, excessive competition and decreasing job security
  • are saturated with constant distraction and information overload
  • want to apply your creativity to dramatically enrich yours and other’s lives
  • consider yourself a spiritual seeker looking for a lasting, enlightened experience of life
  • are hoping to find a meaningful purpose and a reasonable pace to modern life
  • want to stop doing things you know aren’t healthy
  • are looking for escape from negativity you just can’t shake
  • are sick and tired of our broken economic and political systems
  • are ready for a fresh way of seeing, and want to make a positive contribution to the world
  • experience a sense of burnout with the human experience

"My mission is to help people clear away the obstacles blocking their way
to living an extraordinary life."

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