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Some of my old or classic favorites?

  • Favorite reads: A Course in Miracles, Illusions, The Power of Now, Siddhartha, Reluctant Messiah, A Short History of Nearly Everything 
  • Favorite authors? Richard Bach, Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Troward,
  • Favorite music: Boston, RUSH, Mozart, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, U2, so many ….
  • Favorite composer: Mozart (all time), John Williams (contemporary)
  • Favorite food: Sushi from Mikuni’s - Fair Oaks, CA
  • Favorite movies: The Matrix, Star Wars, Rocky I, Airplane I
  • Favorite classic American car: 1970 Chevy Chevelle, shadow gray, SS stripes on a cowl hood

Here's a sample snippet...

(Below this is detail that may help you make the decision of a lifetime)

Hi! My name is Patrick Darling. I get to live an amazing adventure of a life today, every day. Now, before you throw up a little in your mouth over that statement, let me just share something with you for a few minutes. I know how priceless your time is, I totally get it. This may be one of the best investments of your time you could possibly make right now - that's how opportunity works.

Magically, four decades of combined experience navigating two very diverse worlds - high-tech and human potential - in parallel over the past 20 years have merged and evolved into what today is a supremely enjoyable life as a coach, international speaker and author. I say 'magically' because it wasn't always like this. There was a time, many others too, where I spent one very cold winter living out of a totally inoperable, pumpkin-colored '76 Buick Opel, bundled up with layers of socks on my hands to keep from literally freezing to death at night in my sleep. As a result, my message is simple: whatever holds people down - be it depression, mental illness, addiction, co-dependency, any disorder of the mind - healing and transformation IS available... and it's NEVER too late.

Years later I would find myself serving 16 years “inside” Intel, the last eight as head of online media relations for the global microprocessor chip giant and Fortune 100 company. Arguably producing some of the world's most advanced computing technologies that power a vast majority of the Internet today, Intel helped me explore and sharpen my natural passion to innovate, to see things differently, to reinvent myself and improve my present state. I found this spirit of innovation to be a core part of who I am. I believe it's part of who we all are.

Intrigued by clear parallels emerging between computers and their organic counterparts, the human brain and the mind, I've also devoted the last quarter-century of my life (which led to Intel) to the extensive research and practice in the field of human potential. Just as computing is a culmination of hardware, software, firmware and so on, we humans are much the same in how we operate behind the scenes. However, science and medicine both are constantly confusing and blurring the very clear differences between the brain, the mind and consciousness and so we don't see clearly the incredible potential we have for creative change, available 24x7 right at our fingertips. It has become my life's work to change that. I want to help illuminate people to what and who we are behind all the confusion, blur and this blistering pace of life today so that people everywhere can tap into the creative, life-changing potential just awaiting their awareness.

I also work extensively with people in creating happy, successful lives in addiction recovery. Traditionally these addictions are centered around alcohol, drugs and pharmaceuticals, but they span everything from food, sex, gambling, work, money, power, unhealthy relationships, food, exercise, and yes, technology. Devices, gadgets and tech have become a huge addiction for millions. Can you imagine what would happen in our world if your phone, or even worse, the Internet was suddenly taken away? The withdrawals... yikes! Not a pretty sight, is it?

~ o ~


"My mission is to help people clear away the obstacles blocking their way to living an extraordinary life."


Here's the gist of what I do - the ‘what’ behind my mission:

My work is in helping clients take a self-discovery adventure of a lifetime, one that empowers people to leap over years if not decades or even lifetimes of delay and worldly distraction to get right to the core block that sits at the base of the subconscious mind. Here lies the bottom of the 'rabbit hole.' Just like a rubber plug in a sink, if you find and pull that plug, nothing can remain to block you from finding and living the vibrant, purposeful life you know is yours to claim. Every one of us has access to it within ourselves, though for most it remains unexplored. We must meet and face our own personal 'dragon' barring our way to the plug at the bottom, and therefore to the great and wondrous treasure beyond it.

Sound intriguing? Resonates a bit too? Good! It should! That's because you know it's there.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." ~ Joseph Campbell

I have been to the bottom of the rabbit hole and I’ve returned transformed. Today I’m blessed to live life in a state of persistent joyfulness and peace, and I enjoy a level of awareness and sense of fulfillment I only imagined possible before. I can tell you, too, that this is only scratching the surface of the treasure you find. From direct experience, I can share that not only does the rabbit hole have a bottom, but it’s meant for us to find it.

Most people know of, or at least sense, the rabbit hole I'm referring to. It can be considered in relation to the unified or quantum field, however I'm using the term in relation to the abstract nature of the connection between our conscious and subconscious mind. If more people were aware there was a bottom to it, many more people would be talking about it and sharing the way to it. However we've kept it from our own awareness primarily through fear, doubt and distraction.  It is through this rabbit hole of the mind that the next version of the human experience is awaiting our discovery.

If you're willing to dig down to the very root of why you do what you do; why you are stuck in whatever limiting cycle you're feeling stuck in; why you seem unable to do in your heart-of-hearts whatever it is you really want to do with this amazing life, or maybe you're just too burned out with life as it is today to know what that even is - then I can help.

I help you find the hero within yourself by becoming your faithful sidekick!

“One who has risked the fight with the dragon and is not overcome by it wins the hoard, the “treasure hard to attain.” He alone has a genuine claim to self-confidence, for he has faced the dark ground of his self and thereby has gained himself… He has acquired the right to believe that he will be able to overcome all future threats by the same means.” – C.G. Jung

As a faithful companion who has been where you are going, I will accompany you on your own hero's journey through your own experience of the rabbit hole. I will be by your side the whole way and when we reach the bottom I will stand with torch in hand to help light the way while you explore your deepest inner truths.

What you find there may startle and surprise you, but only because you’ve never looked inward this far. There has always been something blocking you. Nothing here, you will come to find, has ever had any power over you whatsoever, neither to block nor harm you. Only a mind-made fog of fear and ambiguity has been your imaginary foe. I will encourage and cheer you on while you bravely discover what you are meant to find there at the bottom. When you come upon it, you will know it. Now exposed, you will finally uncover the great "because" to all those times in life when you asked, begged and even cried out, “Why?!”

Having exposed and accepted the truth that you find there about yourself, having pulled the plug, you are finally free to release all fear and doubt once and for all. You will come to know yourself in a whole new light. You will at last have discovered a true, authentic and lasting treasure within yourself that will fulfill and sustain you all the rest of your days from here on.

Claiming your treasure and upon your return, you will find it much like leveling-up in a video game, that you've made a quantum leap in your ability to navigate this world. Having faced and vanquished the foe in the abyss, you will soon find you have acquired a new sense of fearlessness going forward. Returning to the ordinary world it will seem as though you have a new perception of life, one much more highly tuned, much more prepared to respond appropriately to the world rather than react to it.

Your relationships at home, at work, with life in general will all be healthier and brighter from here on. The world itself will be brighter. The tension in your brow and posture will soften and you, yourself, will appear brighter. Other people will become attracted to your light. Rather than perceiving suffering, ugliness and fear out in the world, you will perceive love and calls for love. You will have gained a new understanding, empathy and compassion for your fellow human being. You will find that you now have an increasing desire to give away what you have been given. You will find that you now want to accompany others now through the same journey to their own experiences of the rabbit hole so that they, too, may be set free to experience life as you now do.

~ o ~

 Now Some Background... the "Why' of My Mission


I’ve been a student of the mind for as long as I can remember. I’ve intuitively been aware of, and have experienced, the power of my mind and my thoughts since I was a child. In fact, the first real “father-son” talk I recall having with my dad was about an experience I was trying to share with him specifically around a complex fascination of my mind with a bit of fear I was feeling over the power of my imagination. I was only perhaps eight at the time.

My father was a brilliant man and a natural teacher. He primarily demonstrated his love for his three kids through teaching us about life and the world. His saw God in the rocks and loved geology, but his passion was always fixed on quantum physics. An avid reader, every week it seemed like he was always reading another big fat book on quantum physics or space or on the mind. Like father like son! Little did I know it back then, but I was just soaking up whatever he shared on these subjects.

Life’s Sidetracks Result in Invaluable Experience

My own misuse of my mind has, at times, gotten me into some pretty hairy situations in life. I'll be sharing some real doozies in the my book, On the BRINK. An innocent passion for more knowledge, understanding of life and the desire for a deepening spiritual awareness morphed into alcoholism and addiction in my late teens. It’s easy to see today how addiction, in all its myriad forms, is really just a distortion of our natural desire for deeper awareness and connection, however it can sure lead us to crazy obsessions and a great deal of suffering for everyone involved.

Today it’s clear that we all suffer from addiction in one form or another. That realization has helped me more than any other to become of real and lasting service to my fellow human being on a very deep, personal and judgment-free level. Much of my work with people today is because I’ve been to hell, a few times now, and so I’m not afraid to be of service to go back in after people to help them get out. I’ve seen many miraculous recoveries take place as a result of working with people stuck in the cycle of addiction. That work contributed extensively to what I do today in the field of human potential.

Working in the 'Real' World

Prior to doing the work I do today, I lived sort of a double life. By day, for the better part of the last two decades, I worked for Intel Corporation, the company that has developed some of the world’s most advance computing technologies, designing the ‘brains’ inside so many of today’s computers and smart devices. There I headed up online media relations for the global giant. Computing potential has been a thrilling ride, one I enjoyed watching and participating as it developed with the birth and growth of the Internet. By night, however, I continued my work and studies for what I considered a higher calling closest to my heart, on the cutting edge of human potential.

Having read many books on religion, including the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and the Quran in my younger days, I spent a lot of my adult life with my head buried in other books about the mind, or about awakening, spirituality, self-realization or ancient healing arts, eastern philosophy, western alchemy and so on. In my off-time I was often away somewhere attending or hosting a retreat, or I was out talking and working with people on related subjects.

I spent roughly the last 20 years constantly immersed in both worlds - advanced computing technologies and advanced human potential. I’ve found there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between the brains of both, but the mind is a whole different story. Science always confuses and blurs the mind and the brain, often even interchanging them, and so as a result we have a lot of work to do to untangle the confusion. Because hidden in the mind is the key to our salvation.

Patrick Darling photo montage - patrickdarling.com