Advanced Coaching


Patrick Darling, Life Coach

In my coaching programs, I draw on everything I've learned from decades in both the field of human potential and my own business and entrepreneurial pursuits. Having successfully navigated the corporate world as head of online media relations for Intel Corporation - the $56 billion per year Fortune 100 company that literally sets the blistering pace for the high-tech industry - I know first-hand the challenges of maneuvering that lifestyle as well as the challenges of opting to step out of it into the unknown.

Having been there and done that, I fully understand the thoughts, feelings and everything it takes to make that big leap from employee to entrepreneur. I know what it's like to transition from a seemingly more secure and predictable lifestyle, "trading your time and talents for a paycheck," to a life of imagining, creating and fine-tuning your dream-life. I also know what it takes to stay in the corporate world, to grow and thrive within it. Not everyone has to want or need to make a drastic change to find the persistent peaceful, meaningful and joyful lives we all desire. Many do. I did.

I now help people just like you discover the very same thrill of living an extraordinary and creative life, wherever you choose to design your new way of living – to experience a wonderfully fulfilling, purpose-driven lifestyle. It's a leap that so many desire to make today with workforce burnout rates reported as high as >80%! Whether your goal is to stay and grow as a professional in a company, or to go off and do something wonderful, you owe it to yourself to make it amazing from this day forward!

I am delighted to offer a series of genuinely transformational, one-of-a-kind "mind-training" skills and lifestyle coaching programs to help you not just reclaim, but stake a NEW claim on living the joyful, free and prosperous lifestyle you seek and know in your heart of hearts that you also deserve. First, I help you get unstuck from whatever limiting cycle is 'holding you hostage.' Then, I show you how to to transform your mind into being your best friend and most faithful companion going forward. No more being your own worst enemy! Together we'll turn on a pre-wired set of creative faculties you already have at your disposal and I'll show you exactly how to use them, empowering you to go off and create the amazing life YOU desire.


People seek out life, personal and business development coaching for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they're in a place of transition and just need someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone to help re-frame ideas. Often they're seeking meaning, more balance, enjoyment or success in their lives. Perhaps they have arrived at a place in life where they feel the need to go deeper within themselves to discover and learn how to tap new sources of energy and creativity. Perhaps this is you?

Or perhaps you are looking to step out of the corporate world and into creating your own business and want to start out with your best foot forward. Maybe you are struggling with stress, fatigue or have a knowing that cultivating more healthy habits would result in the changes you desire. If any of these describe you, this coaching is for you.

Coaching is a co-creative partnership, a unique relationship that helps people overcome the blocks and challenges that stand between them and the more fulfilling lives they seek. Having a coach can help you explore and discover your highest potential, either as an individual, the member of a team, or as the leader of an organization.

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Feeling stuck in your career, burned out and overwhelmed, without a plan?
  • Challenged with the thought of trading time for money, with ever-decreasing job security?
  • Looking for a lasting sense of spiritual fulfillment but feel stuck, spinning your wheels as a seeker, trying to arrive ‘there?’
  • Feeling like if you could just tap into your true creative potential you could make big things happen for you and countless others?
  • Desperate for authentic meaning and purpose in a frenzy-paced world, flooded by constant distraction and information overload?
  • Feeling fake, like what you’re doing right now for a living isn’t providing any real meaning or goodness for a world in need of real help?
  • Unable to stop taking substances, eating or doing things that you know intuitively are not helping you, but need an escape?
  • Feeling immobilized and depressed by a system out there that just seems broken?
  • Really ready for a fresh perspective to help ignite a new experience of life altogether?


As your coach, I am committed to helping empower you with renewed focus, energy and the mental practices you will need to enjoy and maintain the consistent results you desire in all key areas of your life. Healthy relationships begin with healthy individuals.

Special focus areas you may want to consider we work on:

  • Health & Well-being
  • Career/Work Environment
  • Money & Finance
  • Spiritual Fulfillment
  • Personal Growth & Learning
  • Partner/Significant Other/Special Relationships
  • Family & Friends/Healthy Relationships
  • Fun Time/Leisure, Entertainment & Hobbies

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Great Coaches Can Help Bring Amazing Results!

Steve Harrison, Patrick Darling & Patty Aubery

Steve Harrison (Quantum Leap), myself & Patty Aubery (The Canfield Training Group), two of the most brilliant coaches I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Oh, and also true masters of book promotion and marketing.

Jack Canfield & Patrick Darling

Jack Canfield ("America's #1 Success Coach") with me at a special boating event set up by his staff during a week-long retreat in Santa Barbara, CA.

Bob Proctor & Patrick Darling

Bob Proctor and I pose for a quick shot on stage during one of his multi-day workshops. 82 years old at the time, he was often jumping on and offstage. Quite an inspiring mentor - to see the vitality he exudes.

Standard Package

Three 1-hour scheduled sessions
  • $400

    Three sessions tends to be a good baseline for exposing and working through some of the more immediate obstacles blocking you from making positive and measurable traction in at least one of your desired areas of growth.

    Onward to the next awesome version of "you!"

  • Additional 1-hour sessions can be added on after completion of the third at a discounted rate of just $120 per hour session (20% discount of normal rate of $150/hr).

Something Extra Package

Six 1-hour scheduled sessions
  • $750

    Working with a personal coach one-on-one is a tangeable commitment to yourself - it's an answer to an inner calling for radical transformation. Six sessions enables us to get to work on a deeper and more holistic level - mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health, as well as more fully explore your values.

    What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

  • Additional 1-hour sessions can be added on after completion of the sixth at a discounted rate of just $120 per hour session (20% discount of normal rate of $150/hr).

Something Extra 'Special' Package

Ten combined hours of private coaching (with a nice twist)
  • 1 upfront payment of $1,695 - or -
    2 monthly payments of $875 ($1750 total) - or -
    3 monthly payments of $600 ($1,800 total)
  • We spend a total of 10 hours focusing on you successfully making the quantum leap that you know life is calling you to make, but you also get the freedom and flexibility* of breaking the time into quarter-hour increments as desired, enabling us to work more in real-time. Use an hour here, 15 minutes there.

    What impact do you want to make on the world?

  • Additional time can be added on after completion of the tenth hour at a discounted rate of just $120 per hour session (20% discount of normal rate of $150/hr).
  • * We plot out a general loose scheduling over a period of weeks and months to get us started.

Transformation NOW! Package

Advanced One Day Package
  • Eight hours of same-day private coaching
    for you alone or with you and a partner
  • 1 upfront payment of $1,995 individual ($3,595 with partner)
    2 monthly payments in advance of $1,050 individual ($1,900 with partner)
    3 monthly payments in advance of $725 individual ($1,325 with partner)
  • Plan for one intense, enlightening and mind-altering day, followed by a nice 'cool-down' dinner out at a local restaurant, my treat.

Group Mentor Coaching Package

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