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The Fire of Self-Discovery Produces the Fuel of Transformation

By on July 24, 2016

I saw this image posted on Twitter today and it inspired me to write and share this. This Mooji quote here goes right to the heart of the thought expressed in my Facebook cover image, “In our willingness to let go of everything we are not, we discover the magnitude and brilliance of all that we are.”

This wild ride of human experience can be a purification process that leads to complete freedom and peace of mind – if we allow it to be that for us. Only our willingness is required as a beginning … and some courage and faith certainly helps.

We all have gone through past experiences that have left us, at the time, feeling injured and traumatized. No one escapes this. They are like the personal trials we pass through, using Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey,” that lead to rebirth. Rebirth into ‘what’ is based on our responses to these past experiences.

Taming the Power of Mind & Quieting Mental Noise Through Meditation

By on July 15, 2016

When I was a kid, I had a keen sense of the incredible power of the human mind. I even told my dad, literally at the age of 7 or 8, that I loved my mind… but it also scared me. I loved its creative power – the imagination especially – but it felt just too powerful at times. I imagine we’ve all sensed this.

In my 30s, in part thanks to books like The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, followed by A Course in Miracles (commonly referred to as ACIM), I began to get a much clearer experience of how powerful the mind is, and came to understand why I feared its creative powers as a boy. It’s like having a super power (!) – one that in many ways IS too powerful for our separate and small human self, however, not so for our always-plugged-in spiritual Self. And therein lies the key to solving the problem of fear when it comes to the power of the mind – keep the mind under the capable and watchful hands of our spiritual Self. (more…)

Mind-Training Series: The Power in Being the Observer of Your Mind

By on July 1, 2016

Training the Mind to Step above the Fray as the Observer

Many people, if not most, are challenged when it comes to the idea of slowing, quieting or stopping their thoughts altogether, especially today when we’re all so inundated with constant flood of distraction. I learned a whole lot about the inner workings of the mind over my years of study through a practice of ‘stepping back’ from the activity of thought, which is like stepping out of the shoes of the ‘doer’ – the doer, being like the ‘character of Patrick’ – and stepping back to be the observer of the character. All of us do this to some extent subconsciously but we can do it consciously too with some practice. In doing this, I found it was as if I could slow down what normally occurs in a fraction of a second and view the activities of my mind. I could watch thoughts rising and passing in real-time, yet viewing them at a slowed enough speed so that I could observe the mental processes occurring that eventually would lead to a decision or a course of action. (more…)

Smart Reasons to Enlist a Coach to Revitalize and Optimize Your Life

By on June 1, 2016

Personal coaching, I believe – specifically personal, development or life coaching – is the way of the future. The reason for this is clear – coaching enables us to work intimately with people we sense a natural and deeper affinity with. We can learn much more effectively working with coaches we find ourselves intuitively attracted to and who are similarly attracted to us. I’ll go further to add that I think replacing our broken educational system with a highly customized coaching/teaching hybrid model would solve a whole lot of the problems we are facing in our society today, while also creating a whole lot of joyful, purpose-driven careers for people at the same time – people at any age with a vast array of specialized knowledge and experience, sharing on things we just cannot get from a classroom-based model. Literally everyone has valuable life experience they could coach others on, and people can both coach and be coached throughout life, so there would be a constant demand. If you have ever been coached, you most likely know exactly what I’m talking about. (more…)