My Book


On the BRINK: Leap into an Extraordinary Life and Never Look Back
(Coming Out in 2017)

On the BRINK: Leap into an Extraordinary Life and Never Look Back examines the unprecedented challenges we are facing today. Somewhere along the way we crossed the line from being flooded by information overload to total saturation. Now we're trapped in a cycle we can't seem to break free from. This is just a symptom of deeper-rooted problems. We're experiencing an epidemic of burnout in our careers, daily life and relationships, and it takes more energy than we have just to keep pace. This book exposes a surprising cause to the increasing dis-ease and discontent people are experiencing today in this rise of the digital age.

On the BRINK reveals a deep, unconscious belief system, like a virus running in the back of our minds. It's programmed to keep our awareness off the present moment and focused on the past or future. It shows up whenever opportunity knocks, whispering things like, "You’re not good enough yet. You should wait until you're more ready. You can't afford to fail again. You should avoid the risk." Time passes. The 'yets' never come. Both life and opportunity elude so many of us in this way. In a bizarre mental twist, this 'virus' holds us back from going after what would genuinely expand our joy, distracting and overindulging us instead with meaningless shiny trinkets of the world. We're held to a false comfort zone by fear on one hand and deceived into a careless, insatiable belief on the other that if some of something is good, more must be better. More of anything - money, power, exercise, sex, work, food, booze, shopping. The mind affected is also split in its allegiance and thus operating under a mantra of "seek and do not find." This mantra drives every addiction known to humanity. Tech is the newest, as evidenced by our severe level of saturation – and no less destructive. Until we expose and eradicate the virus, simple peace, joy and a sense of authentic purpose - all that fills the heart – will elude us.

This book provides a series of groundbreaking, practical and 100 percent natural mind 'patches' to heal the split permanently. The cure is like a dormant program already within each of us. It needs only the will of the individual to turn it on. Readers will be exposed to the switch and empowered to reclaim their freedom, take back their power and find authentic, lasting peace and positivity.

Isn't it time to bring about a new and more rewarding human experience? It is, and it awaits us all just on the horizon.