A dynamic and seasoned speaker, I come to the stage with engaging stories, thought-provoking ideas and real, palpable and practical techniques that audiences can experience, easily adopt and put into practice right there and then. I've had the privilege of captivating corporate and private audiences alike in the United States and Europe. I am always looking to meet, talk with and share enlightening ideas with amazing people in all corners of the globe. Audiences can expect much more than entertaining, well-rehearsed talks from a stage, as I invite audiences to have powerful, transformational experiences from which they leave feeling empowered to affect real change. My goal is to leave audiences with an unmistakable sense of positive change having taken place over our time together so that they are able take the experiences with them out into their daily lives, into the workplace and into the world.

My blend of thought-provoking messaging and compelling storytelling not only stirs hearts and minds but gives audiences real-world solutions. They can begin to apply these solutions immediately both in the workplace and at home for a more enjoyable, authentic and sustainable work-life balance and a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, offering a genuine relief from the challenges of burnout affecting so many people, employees and ultimately businesses alike today.

Audiences are introduced to some of the proven groundbreaking techniques from my one-on-one and group coaching programs, all of which are designed to eliminate burnout at its source – in the mind – in such a way that people are empowered and excited to begin putting their newfound skills into action – helping improve everyone’s bottom line.

Every talk comes with these assurances whenever possible:

  • I’ll meet with your organizer ahead of time to ensure my presentation material meets the needs and purpose of your event
  • I’ll customize areas of my talk to meet your specific goals or to communicate certain messages you want shared with the audience
  • I’ll promote your event to my own list if it’s a public event
  • There will be ample Q&A time built in
  • Time and venue permitting, I’ll stay to meet and chat with attendees or special guests afterwards to ensure everyone leaves happy
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Patrick Darling, International Speaker, Coach, Author & Trainer