Esther Andrews, Communications Manager

Patrick is creative, resourceful, and highly collaborative.... He is very results-oriented and is constantly innovating.... He is open-minded to new ideas and opinions and effectively provides communication and training on new tools.

Sam Copur, Program Manager

Patrick is a joy to work with on so many levels. He inspires and leads with the best of them.... I'm proud and honored to have worked side-by-side with Patrick....

Ken Kaplan, Managing Editor

Web savvy, trusted, delightful and daring, and he moves our ideas into action, keeping us on the cutting edge.

Angela Giles, Social Media Influencer, Lead Generation Expert

Patrick is great with his ideas and with communication, and always replies back in a timely manner. He has a wonderful sense of humor, yet at the same time remains professional. Patrick is a dream to work with!

Tammy Pineda, Global Advertising Program Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick.... His working relationships with the business ('customers') and agencies created a collaborative environment where strategies were discussed and ideas generated.... Not only is he an extremely hard worker, he is a pleasure to work with. He has a great attitude and sense of humor which is always appreciated in stressful environments. I wish Patrick the best of luck and hope our career paths cross so that we can again work together.