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Greetings!  Patrick here – or so that was the name given me upon my reputed arrival on Planet Earth. Undoubtedly I must have been present at the time, however I sure do not recall any single detail of it. Rather odd… I’ve occasionally pondered the fact that we rarely, if ever, seem to have any recollections whatsoever from the occasion, as we’re so often told, that was such a momentous event in our lives; auspicious enough to give cause for celebrating our birth-day ever year thereafter. I imagine it’s probably a good thing, though, that people generally do not recall what likely would be mostly traumatic, or at least unpleasant, details of their own birth.

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Aside from all that, I was born in Northern California and that is where I have spent the majority of my life and livelihood. There was also a year or two residing in Michigan as a toddler; my dad had been stationed there. And many years later I would have the opportunity to live, work and play in England for about a year-and-a-half. Experiencing living abroad, living in, seeing, traveling and experiencing the UK and much of Europe – an adventurer’s dream come true. I travelled everywhere and saw and enjoyed all I could. Ah, such invaluable life experiences. So, too, was the honor of experiencing Japan, Singapore and other parts of Asia. Today, “home” is wherever I happen to be, which primarily is either with family near Ontario, Canada or with family in my hometown in California.

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16 Years

Headed Online Media Relations
Made & Used the Newsroom Site
100% User-Centered Web Design
Countless Web Design Projects
Sr. Social Media Strategist
Brand Reach & Amplification
Digital Marketing

Columbine International

6 Years

Operations Management
Website Design/Development
Designed/Created a United Brand
in-House Graphics Design
In-House Ad Production
Web Marketing Manager
Network Administrator

& Volunteer

6 Years

Creative Visual Projects
Human Potential Advocate
Coaching & Mentoring
Crisis Prevention
Web Design & Development
Always Graphics & Print Projects

Pro-bono/Volunteer Projects


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Graphic Design
& Visual Storytelling

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