Personal coaching, I believe – specifically personal, development or life coaching – is the way of the future. The reason for this is clear – coaching enables us to work intimately with people we sense a natural and deeper affinity with. We can learn much more effectively working with coaches we find ourselves intuitively attracted to and who are similarly attracted to us. I’ll go further to add that I think replacing our broken educational system with a highly customized coaching/teaching hybrid model would solve a whole lot of the problems we are facing in our society today, while also creating a whole lot of joyful, purpose-driven careers for people at the same time – people at any age with a vast array of specialized knowledge and experience, sharing on things we just cannot get from a classroom-based model. Literally everyone has valuable life experience they could coach others on, and people can both coach and be coached throughout life, so there would be a constant demand. If you have ever been coached, you most likely know exactly what I’m talking about.

People are presented with opportunities to be coached for a reason, and at a time that’s right for them. If the thought of being coached has become appealing to you, or perhaps a coach has suddenly appeared in your life, there is a reason for it. You might want to take a closer look at the opportunity. Most likely opportunity is knocking – an opportunity to finally free yourself from a funk or some rut you have been in for some time. Our reasons for being attracted to the idea of being coached center around our natural desire to improve some aspect(s) of our lives, usually in areas where we have been feeling stuck, sometimes for years. People can remain stuck for lifetimes.

Coaching is not therapy however, it is a relationship, a partnership… it is a pact between people who are wholly committed to attaining a unified goal – that goal being the desired outcome one is seeking. This is accomplished by together creating a safe, nurturing space where authentic growth and healing can take place, completely free of any judgment or negativity.

Most people see the value of having a personal fitness trainer to help guide them at the gym on how best to focus on specific areas of the body that they want to improve. Perhaps they also have a nutritionist to guide them in creating a diet that supports their desired physical outcome. Well, this very same model applies to mind training, which is arguably the most important training we can possibly undertake in life. Great coaching can, in fact, enable us to master our own corner of the world by training and conditioning the mind to think differently.

If you feel a little odd about enlisting the services of a personal coach, first consider the similarities to having a personal fitness trainer. It’s really no different in practice. Then consider this – the power behind making a commitment to work with a coach is like consciously saying to yourself, “I AM worth this. At any price I am worth it. I am wholly committed to my continued growth. Investing in myself is the single most important investment I can make today.” The results and rewards you will reap from adopting this mindset alone may very well astound you, becoming the spark that sets a whole new amazing life in motion.

Coaching fees can appear pricey and confusing on the surface to anyone who has never been coached, however when you consider the shifting in one’s thinking, the removal of blockages that can occur as a direct result of a session or a series of coaching sessions – shifts that can literally alter the course of one’s life toward fulfilling goals and dreams that once were only vaguely imaginable – the return on investment can be utterly astronomical. How does one put a value on authentic joy and lasting peace of mind? The fulfillment of a life-long goal? A few thousand or maybe even a few hundred dollars can lead to … well… the sky is not even a limit! You really can’t put a price tag on limitless possibility, and in my personal experience that is what becomes possible in a coaching relationship.

Today, I provide coaching services to individuals, couples and groups. I speak to small and large audiences alike and I facilitate seminars and run workshops. I love what I do because I have made it my mission to help people uncover and clear away the obstacles blocking their way to living an extraordinary life*. This is what coaches endeavor to do. My own life is extraordinary because it is fueled by this mission. Coaching can play a big role in helping you create that extraordinary life because of the inherent co-creative nature of the coaching process. I have literally made quantum leaps in my life by honoring myself having said “yes” to great coaching. Today I continue benefiting from being coached in numerous forms, from personal development coaching to attending multi-day group mastermind workshops. And of course, the best of all forms – internal coaching from the Love Coach within.

It has worked wonders for me. It can work for you. You owe it to yourself to try it out, to discover what great coaching can do for you. You just might find that once you take that step, a whole new world of opportunity opens up. The thrill, bliss and abundant rewards of living a new norm outside your comfort zone will be the best thing you’ve ever done, both for you and for everyone else in your world.

As you read this, I may very well have a few spots available and invite you to contact me to try out a no-cost, no-obligation introductory session. Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Rise & shine!


P.S: I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be publishing my book, On the Brink of an Extraordinary Life, coming out this fall, specifically designed to inspire, enlighten and most of all empower people with a set of simple, yet transformational life skills. Armed with these skills you will enjoy much more freedom to create and enjoy a more fulfilling and authentically meaningful life, regardless of present circumstances. Sign up to get on the pre-order list.