I saw this image posted on Twitter today and it inspired me to write and share this. This Mooji quote here goes right to the heart of the thought expressed in my Facebook cover image, “In our willingness to let go of everything we are not, we discover the magnitude and brilliance of all that we are.”

This wild ride of human experience can be a purification process that leads to complete freedom and peace of mind – if we allow it to be that for us. Only our willingness is required as a beginning … and some courage and faith certainly helps.

We all have gone through past experiences that have left us, at the time, feeling injured and traumatized. No one escapes this. They are like the personal trials we pass through, using Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey,” that lead to rebirth. Rebirth into ‘what’ is based on our responses to these past experiences.
If we choose to see ourselves only at the effects of these experiences and hold onto them over months, years, or decades, they become part of our identity; part of how and who we define and make ourselves up to be. And they stay with us – they are there when we look in the mirror; there when we hope for a peaceful night’s sleep; there when we wake up in the morning. They may not rise to the surface of our awareness, but still they remain. Over time they become part of a darkened, hardened lens that forms in the subconscious mind through which we perceive and experience everyday life. They show up as abstract mood downers, sudden outbursts of anger, an unshakable background sense of depression. Often we choose and sometimes need to medicate them away with something, anything, to keep from feeling their effects. Looking through the darkened ‘lens,’ we cannot see we’re stuck in a cycle. This is also when and why we feel the impulsive need to escape the pristine present moment – constantly – sometimes at any cost, lest a moment of clarity rises in our awareness to show us there is still an open wound that we’ve never allowed to heal.

If we are willing, on the other hand, and choose to learn to let go of those experiences entirely and refuse to be defined by them, it’s very much like tossing them into a fire of purification. Here they are transformed from painful memories into fuel, becoming a source of energy that drives us to new heights, new horizons, new discoveries about ourselves. We come to learn Who we are behind the human mask. This One knows his or her relationship with both Creator and creation. This One is perfectly content and at peace ‘in the now,’ running from nothing from the past and concerned about nothing coming next. This One is aware of its light, its magnificence and brilliance; this is the real Identity that each and every one of us have within us.

One of our biggest obstacles in discovering this glorious, indomitable light within us is that damned lens we’ve unknowingly made, hardened and suppressed deep down in our minds, forged by the sad and frightening stories we choose to hold onto, define ourselves by and even defend if anyone questions our grip on them. We’re so busy defining ourselves by our past and our own limited ideas for how to fit into the world’s picture of a successful life that we don’t let our light shine and show us Who we really are! We choose to play small and wounded, looking to the world to validate our limited beliefs to help convince us that ‘in fact’ we are who we’ve made ourselves up to be, when we can be   S O   M U C H   M O R E  !!!

It’s very important to add in closing this one that there is no right or wrong here – no guilt implied with making either choice. However, it is in our best interests to start opening ourselves to understanding how our minds work; to know that there is a cause/effect relationship always at play that we cannot avoid with either choice. The only question is which effects do we desire?

Allow all that is not you – the story – be burned away and you WILL find all that you seek. If you want or need help, I am here to help people find their own light. Never hesitate to ask.