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Below is a modest sampling of my work and style. There’s a wide array of development and design experience put into, and certainly gleaned from, all past works; these and so many others. I started coding websites from scratch in the mid-90’s (HTML, CSS, Java “applets” – some of you will remember those), which naturally led to fluency in working with a host of other supporting languages; Java Script, PHP, etc. It was clear early on that I had a natural knack, certainly an interest also, for all things “computer.” that was before the Pentium processor was introduced.

The idea of blending a personal computer with my childhood passion for drawing and illustrating fueled a virtually endless flow of inspiration and creativity. That remains a fact even  to this day. It drove me always to push past the thought of “limitation.” And that drive, coupled with a constant supply of new challenges, countless thrills from coming up with the right code combination, doing more, go deeper, going further – it was all very self-propelling. Some of the websites I’ve been charged with building over the years have been massive projects; content-dense, very complex websites.

Of course, there was also the occasional refresh or complete  site redesign project. All those sketches, mapping user’s journeys, making and updating persona schemas; those good ‘ol  lo- and hi-touch wireframes. I have to share though, that I found the funnest and often most enlightening part of the process was sitting with and surveying the actual people whom regularly made use of the site, one-on-one, getting their invaluable input and feedback. In part, that step helped to ensure we were actually making significant improvements for the users. Redesigns can really cause distress – people generally do not appreciate dramatic changes to websites they have invested a lot of time becoming familiar with.  This is true especially if they don’t understand the purpose, or  perceive no tangible value or benefit as it relates to them. I’ve seen redesign projects develop, a new iteration of a site gets launched, and rather than being user-experience driven and focused, a site is redone because either someone needed to spend a big chunk of budget in order to continue receiving similar allocations; or because someone up the ladder was looking for a pay bump or  promotion at a next review. . Mega-corporation site redesign projects have many moving parts, require a great deal of resources and company-wide, often worldwide, coordination of  teams of people, so they tend to attract a lot of attention.

Most of the mega-websites I worked on were localized into 17 to 20 languages at the time. These below are not like that, with one exception… and it has become essentially automated.  I always also enjoy designing and building WordPress websites too. It’s all good! And all good fun. I enjoy both the art and science of a website’s creative process.

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